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Drives for Electric Motors

Standard inverter single phase-triphase for electric motors - Blu S.r.l.

Blu S.r.l. specialises in the manufacture and sale of inverters for electric standard single-phase or three-phase motors and offers custom solutions for various industrial automation applications The inverters for electric motors made by the company Blu in fact are widely used in various fields of application, such as, for example, in fields related to energy saving, food & beverage, pumps, super custom and HVACR.
As a result of thirty years of experience it is able to provide a wide range of items to its customers such as single-phase invertersthree-phase inverters and custom inverters.

Blu srl represents a point of reference in the manufacture of inverters for electric motors, by making inverters for custom solutions for different applications, in order to satisfy every single request and need. The standard single-phase or three-phase inverters produced by the company Blu can be simple or sophisticated, depending on the different needs expressed by our customers.

You can rely on the expertise of Blu srl for the production of inverters for electric single-phase motors and for the production of inverters for electric three-phase motors.

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